Welcome Traveler,

You and I are on a journey. Though the start and the destination are different, we have something in common: Our journeys are composed of stories. Each story holds within it possibilities. It is my goal to take stories and fashion them into worlds and wonders that touch imaginations, ignite dreams, and inspire hope. I do this as a student of storytelling and design.

Through my desire to tell these stories, I have honed my design skills in areas such as real and virtual, two and three dimensional, print and screen, clay and paper, interactive and static, linear and non-linear. I have utilized many forms of media such as video, audio, photography, web, pottery, code, and words.

As a student of design I know that there is always more to learn. Research is the backbone of my design. Reading, watching tutorials, playing video games, chatting, or walking outdoors all serve as places that I can find inspiration and knowledge to communicate stories as effectively as possible.

Here you will find examples of the stories I have worked on. These are parts of my journey that I share with you. I hope that you and I will have a chance to journey together.

Best Travels,

Caleb Duane Eno

Under Shadows   A story driven text-based adventure game with interactive fiction elements. Built using the Quest 5 game engine to utilize HTML 5 features.
Sustainablitz   A class project intended on teaching the concepts of Landscape Architecture by building a game about Landscape Architecture.
The General   A linear storyline that required "players" to physically travel to locations and scan QR codes in order to advance the story.