Title: Shadowers Intro
Description: Before development of Under Shadows I was building a game called Shadowers set in the same universe. It focused on the life above the City and on a character called Suza. Suza is a Shadower, essentially an assassin for hire. This clip was designed to introduce players to the world, Suza's character, and the inner conflict of the story. The majority of the sound effects were recorded and produced by me with a few coming from the Ball State University sound banks. Suza is voiced by Lydia Eno and the target is voiced by me.

Title: Shadowers Sound Effects
Description: During the development of the Shadowers prototype, I recorded and edited a number of sound effects. The following audio clips are the sound effects used in the prototype and the intro. (Note: Some of these files may be very quiet.)

Chain Door

Eliet Ring

Engine Turnover

Engine Rumble

Gear 1

Gear 2

Gear 3

Gear 4

Gear 5



Grid Selector

Title: The Three
Description: While I was still in the process of learning how to mix audio, my then girlfriend, now wife, Lydia had written a song. I took the opportunity to bring her in for a recording session and composed this track. The words and music are Lydia's creation.

Title: Green Eggs and Ham, Noir
Description: As a part of a class on creativity, we were tasked to reimagine a common story into a new form. My partner for the project, Alea Ford, and I composed a radio drama version of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham set in a Film Noir atmosphere. Most of the words are taken directly from the original book with narration added in. Alea voices Sam and I voice the other.