NOTE: The projects on this page were developed using Adobe Flash AS3.0 but were not intended for web distribution. Instead of imbedding these projects, a link to a public sharing folder can be found after the description of each probject. The project can be downloaded and viewed from there.
Title: Longing for Home
Description: Longing for Home is an experimental design built during my graduate studies. The project is a first person point and click adventure game (similar to the game Myst). The concept was to take photographs of a real location, stylize them, and build a game around them. In this case, the location used was the Letterman Building on the campus of Ball State University. Both photographs and video are compiled to create an area to explore. The game is only a prototype using some filler graphics for the interactive elements. The demo starts you just before a key storyline sequence.
Longing for Home Project Link
Title: Birthday
Description: This Flash project was developed in 2010 as a special birthday present for my then girlfriend now wife. We spent much of our time dating in a long distance relationship, so I employed her college friends to help me compose a clue seeking quest. She followed clues to various locations around her campus and unlocked a series of numbers. The last clue led her to a flash drive which contained the Flash program. Upon inputting the numbers into the key pad (22510) the doors opened to a message from me. Though I have removed the message from this version, the keypad is fully functional.
Birthday Project Link
Title: Foogle
Description: During my time at Dundee University, Scotland studying Digital Interaction Design, I was part of an interface design project. The goal of the project was to create a recipe database program mock-up. The design was to be built using Flash but was not required to be fully functional. In my pair group I focused predominately on the code side. At the time the Flash expert assisting us was not familiar with AS3.0 as it had only just been released. I self-taught myself AS3.0 in order to stretch my abilities and to be forward thinking in my design. The project achieved top scores on coding, however, the design is lacking as my project partner ceased attending class halfway through the semester.
Foogle Project Link